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Core Area of Operations

Petrolium and Pipeline
Oil, Gas and Energy related production facilities are critical infrastructure for any nation, presenting unique security challenges. These critical infrastructure facilities are operated with diverse functions and components in the development, exploration, production, refining, manufacturing, transportation and product sale of Crude and finished petroleum products, owned by large industrial Houses

In today environment, where global terrorism is seen as the biggest threat and surveillance agencies of developed countries try to subvert the control of local authorities across the world, security on telecom assets needs as there are two parts of a telecom network: a passive part and the active or electronics and fibre optics part.

Protecting the retail assets in shopping localities is big challenge. The movement is from vendor to stores, stores to floor, floor to shelves, shelves to check outs and check outs to customers. Apart from sensible loss prevention designing Checkmate provides a wide array of security planning for shopping malls, car parks, fabulous displays and cash counters where theft perception is analysed and proper security cover is designed as per the needs of its clients.

Finance, Banking & Insurance
Primary factors of crimes related to theft and stealing of cash and securities like bullion, the financial institutions and banks require levels of security planning for prevention and protection. Banks are a specific segment which requires special services besides conventional security services like guarding. Cash-in-transit being a specialized service and sensitive in operation, we provide a highly skilled team to ensure maximum safety of the treasure and crew during transit.

Manufacuring and Warehousing
Industrial Manufacturing supplemented by Warehousing facilities of products is a high potential sector facing a wide range of security vulnerabilities, both internal and external. These facilities are operated with diverse functions and components comprising of the research & development, manufacturing, and transportation functions, which are susceptible to potential risks.

Security guards work to protect people and property. Training programs for security guards may emphasize different areas of security, so students should seek out a program that matches their interests and goals.

For smooth functioning of Musical Concerts, Business Conventions, Annual General Meetings of Large Corporate House and Corporate Marketing Events a secure environment is the mandatory norm required for planning these events.

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Blackcat securities has 6 divisions
» Security division
» Fire Management Division
» HR management division
» LandScaping / Environment Division
» Security and Fire System Division

Cash Pick-Up

Cash Pick ups are the in bound part of the Cash logistics operations managed by Blackcat Securities for its clients across the North India. Blackcat Securities provides this service primarily to Banks, Telephone companies, Malls and Super stores, Octroi and Toll collection agencies, etc. The service includes picking-up of cash from the customer premises, depositing the same in the bank, reconciliation and reporting.

In addition to all the advantages available with the Cash delivery model, cash pick up services provide following additional advantages:

  1. Quick receipt of receivables for network operators thereby helping in managing cash flows and reducing dead cash at other offices

  2. Consolidated cash receipt at Bank branches instead of individual pick ups thereby increasing productivity of Bank cash staff

  3. Disposal of low quality cash in other channels thereby improving cash balance quality and utilization

Blackcat Securities can specially tailor schemes for cash pick ups to suit individual bank or client needs. Standard off the shelf offerings in this are:

  1. Beat Cash Pick up- wherein cash from a client is picked up daily, weekly or as per pre decided frequency and time. This allows Banks and clients to manage the cash pick up operations better. It also reduces daily load on the call center.

  2. Request Cash Pick up- wherein cash is picked on receipt of specific request from Bank's control room. 

However, at the end of the day all cash is collated and processed together and Bank gets a single statement showing client wise receipts and other details.

To ensure full security of these operations, in addition to the security measures listed in delivery section, special processes are followed to ensure that the information does not leak out hereby exposing the client.

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